This morning, I was watching my 8-month-old grandson. 

He has recently started crawling and pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on, like barstools, his crib, our pantlegs and so on.  When he gets himself to standing, he’s still pretty shaky.  Sometimes he falls, other times he is able to stay on his feet.  And we know that eventually, he’ll be successful and running around at full speed.  His success is not in question. He is committed to the task, no matter how often he falls down.  He doesn’t know failure.  He just keeps on getting back up…no matter what.

How about you? 

What is your commitment level to your goals and dreams?
When you get knocked down, feel like you’ve failed or been sidelined, do you keep your commitments to yourself and your business because of your deep belief that you’ll be successful no matter what?

Or not?

I know in my business, I’ve had times when I was more committed, and times when I was less committed…and it was directly affected by my motivatio, which was affected by my belief.

This morning, I told myself that before my head hit the pillow tonight, I would write this newsletter draft.  It is currently 10 pm (on Saturday night) and I’m sitting here typing.  Why? Because I know that come heck or high water, I needed to write this newsletter tonight to keep my commitment to myself.  I made some different choices earlier today, but I know this for sure: Every time I keep a commitment to myself, I develop trust with myself.  Whenever I don’t, I learn to doubt myself – believing myself less the next time I say I’m going to do something.  This definitely affects my overall belief that I can achieve my business goals.    

Sometimes we try something and it doesn’t work…that’s still progress.  When you try a new lead gen strategy or live video approach and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you’re not committed.  You take the feedback, learn the lessons, course correct and continue to move toward your goals.  

Have you read the book: Millionaire Mindset by Darnell Smith?  This book has so many great success nuggets – I highly recommend it. 

About two-thirds of the way through Chapter 4, he talks about the connection between Mindset and Commitment, and how our beliefs, values, thought patterns and actions need to be in alignment for success.  Basically, if we don’t believe we can achieve our goals on a subconscious level, we won’t exert the commitment necessary to achieve the goals.   Makes sense, right?

He suggests we watch our words, as they have a definite effect on our belief.  He writes, “Don’t say, I’ll try. I could. I hope. I might.  Instead say, I will. I can. etc. and program your mind for victory.”   He also encourages readers to find the commitment, always learning to keep the promises we make to ourselves and others.

What gets in the way of our commitment? Basically, anything that makes us doubt ourselves, our business or our support team. 
Common Hurdles to keeping commitments are:  

  • Emotions
  • Rejection
  • Life Stressors
  • Overcommiting
  • Fatigue
  • Criticism
  • Self-Doubt
  • And other things…What derails your commitment?  

Keep your faith in yourself this week.  Each day, first thing, visualize what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.  Then, remind yourself that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.  During the day, if you face a setback, reset yourself – focusing on belief, your goals and your commitments.  That’s the way you’ll get to your goals!