Keeping It Together When Life Throws You Curves

In these turbulent times, it is easy to feel that life’s challenges are too heavy to bear. Do you ever feel discouraged, wondering how you will face the next curve that comes your way?

Amazon Best-Selling author Jennie Ritchie, wife of former major-leaguer Wally Ritchie, hits another home run with her empowering book, Keeping It Together When Life Throws You Curves.

Life is full of challenges and this motivational book will not only inspire you, but build the belief and faith that you can and will emerge victorious on the other side. Through her authentic and witty writing style, Jennie shares stories and guidance that provide the courage you need to move forward despite your challenges, whether they be major or minor setbacks.

Success University for Women™

The Amazon Best-Selling book Success University for Women™ was co-founded by Canada’s Catherine Scheers and America’s Jan Fraser with the vision of empowering women around the world. They asked successful women, “What quality would you say has been responsible for your success?” If readers follow the authors’ suggestions, they can’t help but become more successful.

With a foreword written by Jack Canfield, this anthology features 24 winning women from 11 countries, 3 continents with careers as varied as Commercial Pilot, Fitness Cover Model, Chef, Accountant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Life Coach, including Jennie Ritchie.


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