Maybe You’re Facing…

  • A lack of results — you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but still you’re not achieving the success the you know is available
  • A lack of focus — you feel like you’re always putting out fires but you never seem to get any closer to achieving your goals
  • A lack of peace — you feel like you’re spinning the wheel like a hamster and never seem to have the time to “recharge”

You want to feel more empowered, encouraged, relaxed and fulfilled. Coaching is the key.

1:1 Professional Coaching

In order to move forward, it helps to have a fresh perspective and a coach who knows how to ask the right questions. Jennie can help you...

  • Clarify your Vision
  • Take Responsibility
  • Step into Action
  • Stay Accountable

1:2 Personal Coaching

Jennie is trained to help you identify and develop tools to overcome the hurdles that are keeping you from feeling happy and fulfilled in life. She will help you...

  • Identify What You Want
  • Chart a Path to Realize Your Goals
  • Overcome Roadblocks
  • Stay Committed

Jennie also creates personalized affirmations that will help you focus on your goals & the outcomes you want to achieve.

[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel images=”543″ names=”DR. LEA IMSIRAGIC” subtitles=”RU5FUkdZJTIwQVNUUk9MT0dZJTIwRk9VTkRFUiUyQyUyMElOVFVJVElWRSUyMFNVQ0NFU1MlMjBDT0FDSA==” tbackgroundcolor=”#e40078″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” tnumber=”1″ twidth=”100%” retina=”on” font=”Raleway” fontsize=”16px” namesize=”20px” subtitlesize=”14px”]My first big surprise in working with Jennie was her amazing ability to listen and pull out my core essence and guide me to uncover the right story with words that reflect new beliefs. When I started listening to the personal and authentic affirmation Jennie recorded for me, things start changing inside and outside. I felt a deep peace and that everything is going to be ok. I realize that listening to my personal affirmation is literally changing me, allowing me to start aligning all other parts of my life with my new core identity. Thank you Jennie. Working with you is blessing![/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

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